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Things to know about a wireless network



  • A wireless network is slower than a wired network. A wired campus connection is 100MB unshared. A wireless connection is 22MB shared. That is, the speed is affected by the number of users attempting to access the same wireless access point. If you are experiencing a slowdown, you may be able to move to another area on the same floor where you will be accessing a different access point and get better speed.
  • UNCP WiFi is primarily intended as Internet access. Some services, such as Native Banner and file server access, are available through wireless if you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN)* account and the client installed on your machine. This is available to Faculty and Staff, not students. If you need a VPN account, complete the application, return the original signed copy to the DoIT Help Desk, D.F. Lowry Building.
  • A wireless network is less secure than a wired network. Any information initiated on your machine and sent to an unsecured site will be vulnerable to hackers. To determine if a site is secured, see if the URL begins with https or http. Https is secure, http is not. Note also whether your browser is displaying a locked padlock icon. That will also indicate that the site is secure. BraveWeb is a secure site. BlackBoard and WebMail (OWA) are not.


* VPN Accounts provide a secure network connection to UNCP resources.