Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

Student Electronic Account

Students at UNC Pembroke have a single electronic account which can access a variety of services. This one username and password allows one to log into computers located in classrooms and computer labs on campus. It allows one to log into Blackboard for online classes and it allows students to access their personal and financial information via BraveWeb. The one exception to this is your student email. Student email is syndicated through Microsoft. As such it has a separate password. For your convenience you can automatically log into it from BraveWeb without providing this password.

The University Password Policy

All passwords at UNC Pembroke must be strong passwords. Strong passwords are defined as:

  • Consist of a minimum of eight characters
  • Contain at least one character from three of the following four categories: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Shall not contain more than two consecutive letters from the full name or username
  • Shall not contain dictionary words or abbreviations
  • Shall not contain dictionary words or abbreviations modified by substituting special characters or numbers for letters.

Changing Your Password

Users can change their passwords via BraveWeb. When going to BraveWeb you can select to change your password from the top-left corner. Students will be presented the option to change their password using their current password, or by answering the security questions they created when they set up their network account. When choosing a password it is important to make sure that the password matches the password policy stated above. If you cannot remember your password and cannot successfully answer your security questions then please stop by the DoIT Helpdesk to have your password reset. When visiting the Helpdesk to have your password reset, please bring a photo ID.