Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

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Welcome to UNC Pembroke. As a new or transfer student you probably have questions about our many services and the technology available on campus. The following information is designed to help give you a good start. Get complete technology information by using the left navigation links. On mobile devices, click the arrow to get the dropdown menu.

A letter of welcome from the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).


Getting Online

A UNCP Student Network Account provides access to technology resources such as Blackboard, BraveMail, BraveWeb, Internet (BraveWiFi on campus and ResidentialWiFi in University Housing) and lab computers. It is often referred to as a BraveWeb account since so many resources are available from within BraveWeb.  BraveMail student email does have a separate activation since it is managed by Microsoft.  However, after activation, BraveMail can be accessed by logging into BraveWeb or using the Quick Links menu at the top right of University web pages.


BraveWeb Activation & Resources



Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Labs on Campus

Personal Student Computers

Residential Internet

Software Training and Support

Virtual Computing Lab




For technology support, contact the DoIT Help Desk.