Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

Set up BraveMail on an Android Device

When you set up an Exchange-based email on an Android phone or tablet, you’ll be able to access and synchronize your email and calendar.

How to set up BraveMail on your Android Device – Office 365

  • Prior to using the following directions, you must verify your BraveMail password. Click here for instructions.
  • Select Settings > Accounts > Add account.
  • Select Email > Exchange.  (If Exchange isn't listed, select Corporate.)
  • Type your full email address, for example aaa000@bravemail.uncp.edu, and your BraveMail password, and then select Next.
  • Enter the following account information and select Next.
  • Domain\Username: For example, if your email address is aaa000@bravemail.uncp.edu, type uncp.local\aaa000@bravemail.uncp.edu.
    • Some Android phones ask for domain and username on separate lines.  The domain is uncp.local and the username is your full email address.
  • Exchange server is pod51034.outlook.com  However, if this does not work, you can verify the name of the server by logging into BraveMail. Once you are logged in, the address bar will give you the server.



  • Make sure Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.  Select Next.
  • At Remote security administration, select OK.
  • Under Account options, uncheck Sync Contacts.  Select Next.
  • Give the account a name such as BraveMail. Select Next.
  • Note – You may need to wait a few minutes after you set up your account before you can send or receive email.


This guide is also available as a PDF here.