Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

Resources Available


DoIT Mission

Resources available to students

  • Email account accessible through http://braveweb.uncp.edu.
    Built-in protection from internal and external threats
    • Antivirus and anti-spam protection
    • Automatic encryption with "always on" SSL security (HTTPS)
    • Filtering functionality that can be applied narrowly or widely to take action based on e-mail headers and content
    Anywhere access delivers the Microsoft Office Outlook experience from the desktop to mobile phones
    • Windows Live ID authentication
    • Native Outlook 2007 support
    • POP and IMAP client support
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Outlook Mobile and Exchange ActiveSync clients
    Operational efficiency
    • Easy and flexible deployment options
    • A familiar service that takes advantage of your training investments
    • Free e-mail service for students and alumni
    • Highly available hosted service
    Premium feature set
    • 10GB mailbox storage quota
    • 20MB message size support
    • Co-branding support for Outlook Web Access
    • Shared address book
    • Shared calendar information and the ability to view other users' availability for efficient scheduling
    • Web-based administrative tools for self-service management
    • Outlook Web Access support for 25 languages
  • Login to the BraveWeb.
    Click the BraveMail link at the top.
  • 1GB of file storage on UNCP servers, accessible through J: drive in any lab on campus or through an SFTP/SSL program from your personal computer.
  • The computer lab on the second floor of the library is staffed whenever the library is open.

NOTE: DoIT is not responsible for student-owned computers. Installation, configuration and repair are the responsibility of the owner.

Resources available to faculty and staff

  • E-mail account with 1GB of storage, accessible through http://owa.uncp.edu/owa or by properly configuring an e-mail client.
  • 1GB of file storage on UNCP servers, accessible through I: drive in any lab on campus or through a FTP program from your personal computer.
  • Blackboard online course management tool, for offering students partially or totally online courses.
  • Project consultation by DoIT staff.
  • Helpdesk, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 910.521.6260.
  • Workshops. These can be tailored to a department's specific needs.
  • Equipment available for checkout
    • Laptops
    • Digital Projectors

For more infomation, contact DoIT at 910.521.6260 or doit@uncp.edu.