Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology
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Email Migration to Office 365

Faculty and Staff Office 365 Communications

UNCP is moving to the Microsoft cloud. As part of the initial phase of this vision, we’re migrating all our email activity to Office 365 and Exchange Online.

Why are we moving email to the cloud?

  • Improved Convenience – Access your files from any Internet connected computer, tablet or phone at any time.
  • Better Protection – Improved disaster recovery with off-site, cloud-based email storage.
  • Increased Productivity – with more capabilities to work together with colleagues, students.

A better way to communicate, collaborate, and get work done!


Getting Started after Migration


Use outlook.office.com (now linked to OWA)

Log in with:

username@uncp.edu (username = your UNCP network account username)

password (your UNCP network password)

Quick Start Guide

This guide contains the information you need to get started after migration. (pdf) (Word)

Also, see more information below.

Outlook Desktop Email Client

If Outlook is open when the migration completes, you may see a Microsoft Outlook message pop up.  Completely close and reopen Outlook.

Log in using:

username@uncp.edu (UNCP network username - not your email address)

UNCP network password

Mobile Device Email Setup

This page has instructions for Apple and Android devices.

Office 365 Online Tools

Log in with:

username@uncp.edu (UNCP network username - not your email address)

UNCP network password


Logging in here, takes you directly to your email (like OWA).


This is the portal to all tools and applications available with our migration including: Mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, etc.



More Information about the Email Migration

  • O365 Overview (video)
  • Email Migration FAQs (link)
  • Large Email Items (link)
  • Campus Voicemail Setup (pdf) (Word)
  • Office 365 Email on Mobile Devices (link)
  • Recreating an Outlook Profile (pdf) (Word)
  • Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook (pdf) (Word)
  • Accessing a Shared Mailbox Online (link)
  • Configure Apple Mail.app for Office 365 Email (pdf) (Word)
  • Known Issues and Solutions (pdf) (Word)
  • Office 365 Online Profile Setup (pdf) (Word)
  • Online Applications Available (pdf) (Word)