Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

Accounts Available to Faculty and Staff


  • Provides access to UNCP e-mail, the campus network and Blackboard.
  • Faculty and staff are provided 1 GB of private and protected storage on the network. This provides the opportunity to back-up files to a secure location.
  • To obtain an account, complete the Network Account Application (pdf). Return completed signed application to the DoIT Helpdesk (DF Lowry Bldg., Room 110). You will be notified when the account has been activated and provided with your username and initial password.
  • You may change your password by going to BraveWeb and selecting the Change Password link.


  • VPN provides a secure network connection. In order to access some UNCP network resources using wireless or from outside of the campus, you need the VPN account and software. This account is automatically created for faculty along with the network account.  Staff can request a VPN account using the Network Account Application (pdf). 


* LAN Passwords must be reset every six months from the date the password was set. Clients will receive a message in their UNCP e-mail seven days prior to the expiration to remind them to change the passwords. The password may be reset on campus by by going to BraveWeb and selecting the Change Password link.