Division of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology

Campus Computing Initiative FAQs


Why does DoIT provide computer standards for university computer purchases?
Deploying selected computer models provides a standardized computer environment to control overall support and equipment purchase costs. The standards will be refreshed annually and are posted at www.uncp.edu/student-services/information-technology/purchasing-recommendations.


When will I receive a new computer?
Currently, we are working to update lab, classroom, and employee primary computers that are out of warranty.  Once refreshed, computers will be on a standard 4 year replacement cycle. Delivery dates will vary. Stay tuned for more details.


Why must I refresh my computer if I don’t want to?
Keeping your computer current and under warranty is the best way to ensure optimal performance and business continuity.


What defines the timeline and associated deadlines for the CCI purchases?
DoIT works with our vendor partners to ensure we have the most appropriate computer models available for our campus. Our timeline is driven, in part, by the vendors’ product release dates.  Deadlines are enforced so that purchases meet funding/fiscal year purchasing deadlines. 


What additional peripherals are included in my refresh?
A desktop includes a keyboard and mouse. Monitors are refreshed as necessary. Laptops include no additional peripherals. All other peripherals, including docking stations, webcams, adapters, optical drives (DVD/CD), and additional input devices are purchased and provided by your department.


How were standard computer models selected?
Each model was selected based on cost, performance, and industry reputation. Through the combined pricing initiative, DoIT engages with UNC General Administration and other campuses to collectively evaluate and set the end user computer standards that are agreed upon across the UNC system.


Do all faculty and staff get a computer funded centrally when they are due for a computer refresh?
No. State funds are allocated to support state funded positions. Computers for other positions will be funded from other departmental resources.


How often will my computer be refreshed?
Our goal is to refresh faculty and staff primary use computers once every 4 years.  A primary computer is the machine that an employee uses to accomplish the responsibilities outlined in their position description.  By definition an employee has only ONE primary device.


May I keep my current computer when I get the new one?
No. DoIT will surplus or repurpose the computers that are being replaced. 


What is the Justification for Special Use Computer Requests?
This form, posted at www.uncp.edu/content/justification-special-use-computer-requests, will provide DoIT and your leadership with insight into your specific computer needs.  If the standard desktop computer does not meet your needs, use this form to describe your needs for portability, high CPU/GPU power or Apple machines. Submitted forms are reviewed by the DoIT team.  If necessary, recommendations will be escalated to the appropriate Vice Chancellor or the Associate Provost.


When will labs and classrooms be upgraded?
Check the Lab & Classroom Upgrade Schedule.