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Troubleshooting Tips


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If you are having trouble with Blackboard from a particular machine there are a number of diagnostic steps you can take to ensure that your computer is in the best possible shape to give you a better experience with Blackboard.


Web Browser IconReseting Your Browser Settings

Blackboard can be very sensitive to certain security settings in your browser that can be easily or unintentionally miss set. Reseting these settings back to factory defaults can resolve a variety of issues. Below you can find instructions for resetting the setting in the most common browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome



Ensure Your Software Is Up to Date Software

Software Installation IconMake sure your software is up to date. We provide a list of the most up to date browsers and plugins compatible with our version of Blackboard along with download links.

It is also important to make sure your operating system is up to date. You can find instructions for updating your operating system below.


Windows 7 - Updating Your Computer
Windows 8 - Windows Update: Frequently Asked Questions
Windows 10 - Microsoft Windows Update Site
Mac OS X - Update OS X and App Store apps




Warning IconCheck for Malware

Malware can dig deep into your browser and undermine it's ability to work well with Blackboard. It is a good diagnostic step to make sure your antimalware solution is up to date and to perform a full system scan. There are dozens of vendors with multiple products available. We have linked to the documentation and support sites (where available) of the most popular versions below, however you will need to search for your particular product and version at this sites to get the instructions which fit your computer.


Avast: Support Site

AVG: Support Site

Eset: Documentation, Support Site

Kaspersky: Documentation, Support Site

McAfee: Documentation, Support Site

Microsoft Security Essentials - Windows 7: Support SIte

Microsoft Windows Defender - Windows 8: Support Site

Microsoft Windows Defender - Windows 10: Support Site

Norton: Documentation, Support Site




ISP & Home Network Considerations

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We do recommend a braodband connection for BlackBoard. Much course content is too large to be easily streamed over a dial-up connection.

When taking tests, quizes, exams or any assignment where the submission count is limited or timed we do recommend using a physical ethernet connection in lieu of wireless to avoid wireless interference.