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Procedures for Accessing Services

I.    Contact the ARC office:

A.   How do I contact ARC? By:

1.   Phone:  910.521.6695

2.   Email:

3.   Fax:  910.521.6891

4.   711 (NC Relay)

5.   Mail:   Accessibility Resource Center

          UNC Pembroke
          D.F. Lowry, Suite 107
          P. O. Box 1510
          Pembroke, NC  28372-1510

II.    Request an intake packet specific to 
       the disability.

III.   Send in the completed gold intake
       form, current impact  statement,
       and the documentation specified
       on the documentation guidelines

IV.   Wait to hear from the ARC office. 
       You will either receive a letter or
       a phone call from ARC.

V.    Make an appointment with ARC 
       the first week of class by calling