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Applying for Scholarship

Braves Disabled Student Enrichment Endowed Scholarship Application Form

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Applicant Information:
This scholarship is provided to enhance the social and educational opportunities for students with disabilities attending UNC Pembroke.

The recipients of the Braves Disabled Student Enrichment Endowed Scholarship will be full time students enrolled at UNCP with a documented disability, either graduate or undergraduate, maintaining a minimum 2.5 QPA and with demonstrated financial need. Full time status consists of students taking a minimum of 12 semester hours or students with reduced course load approval from the Accessibility Resource Center.  There is no restriction of residency, or major. The recipient shall be classified as a sophomore through graduate student. The award will be made half in the fall and half in the spring and is renewable as long as the above criteria is met and student is in good standing with the University. Applications will be accepted until July 1st annually. Awards will be granted by August 1st of the same year.


Selection Process:
Applications will be submitted to a committee through the Accessibility Resource Center for verification of information provided and for the selection process. Applicants should fill out the attached form and complete ALL sections to be considered.




* Note: Application for the scholarship does not ensure selection*
            Braves Disabled Student Enrichment Endowed Scholarship
Application Form


Application Date: 

Month                           Day                              Year


Name: _________________________________________________

             Last                             First                              Middle


Banner ID Number: 



Mailing Address:

Street/Rural Route/ PO Box/Apartment Number

City                              State                            Zip Code


Telephone Number:


Dollar Amount Requested (up to $250):

* Note that monies will be credited to student account in the bookstore


Current Class Standing

(must be sophomore or higher to be considered): 

Cumulative GPA:  * Please attach current transcript for verification (a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA is necessary to be eligible for consideration)


Braves Disabled Student Enrichment Endowed Scholarship
Application Form



Explain why you should be chosen as a recipient (statement of financial need):
















This publication is available in alternative formats upon request.  Please contact Accessibility Resource Center, D.F. Lowry Building,  910.521.6695.