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Welcome Messages

Student Handbook: Message from Chancellor Kyle R. Carter


I am so pleased to welcome you to UNC Pembroke! Over the next few years, you will find that UNCP is extraordinary in our commitment to you and your success.  You will meet faculty members who know you by name, who will help you achieve academic goals, and who will show you that they care about your progress by directing you to helpful resources if you start to struggle. You are not alone here; you are part of the Pembroke family.

You will find that UNC Pembroke is a very colorful family with an extraordinary history.  Founded in 1887 to educate the local American Indians, the Croatan Normal School has expanded its scope and programming so that, today, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is a regional comprehensive institution offering 42 undergraduate majors, 18 graduate degrees, award-winning faculty, excellent sports teams, an international program, state-of-the-art clinical laboratories, and much more. Still, we try to remain close to our roots. The Lumbee tribe, centered in Pembroke, remains an important part of our university culture. You will see reminders of this university’s history in our student body, our buildings, in public artwork, in cultural events, in our mascot, and in our teams’ name—your name, now—the Braves.

As a member of the BraveNation, you are part of a student body that includes all races and nationalities, all socio-economic backgrounds, all ages, and all career trajectories. UNC Pembroke is the most diverse institution in the UNC system and one of the most diverse in the nation. You in your uniqueness will become part of the whole here. In fact, we expect you to be part of the whole. The Pembroke family—the faculty and staff who will help you along in your college career—is committed to making your time here a rich and rewarding experience. But we expect you to do your part, too. I urge you to become engaged in the rich campus life that UNC Pembroke offers: excellent division II sports, extensive intramural athletics, theater and the arts, more than 80 clubs and organizations, an active student government association, service learning opportunities, a lively campus community, and more.

So, along with the faculty and staff and all the members of the BraveNation, I’m excited to welcome you to UNC Pembroke! In the years to come, you will discover ways to connect with your professors, your classmates, and your alma mater. You will learn and grow and work to achieve your potential. And along the way you will become part of our story and we will become part of yours. We are looking forward to it; let’s make it a great year.


Kyle R. Carter


Student Handbook: Message from VICe Chancellor for Student Affairs, John R. Jones, III., Ph.D

John JonesWelcome Home! On behalf of the staff in the Division of Student Affairs, we are excited to have you in the Braves family. As the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, I have the privilege of leading a talented and dedicated staff committed to our mission of fostering student success. We are excited that you joined our family and we look forward to assisting you in pursuing your academic and personal goals.

The Division of Student Affairs works with faculty and staff throughout the campus community to build and create an exceptional out of class experience for you that complements your academic curriculum. We will challenge you to embrace differences and adapt to change, think critically, communicate effectively, and become responsible citizens. In short, we will provide a comprehensive, integrated student experience which embraces learning, personal and social responsibility, leadership development, healthy lifestyles, and the appreciation of diverse ideas, cultures, and people. Although UNC Pembroke prepares you for life and leadership within a diverse society, we are also here to serve you, as well as your family, and members of the greater university community.

We are committed to providing you a phenomenal campus experience in a highly personalized and student-centered environment. However, we need your assistance by becoming engaged in campus life. I challenge and encourage you to take advantage of everything that UNC Pembroke offers. Get involved in the many campus activities and intercollegiate athletic events. Take advantage of the plethora of student organizations, theater and the arts, and the service learning opportunities. What will your legacy be? How will you integrate yourself into the campus experience? How will you engage the campus community and make you and the campus better? We expect you to immerse yourself into the curriculum and co-curriculum experiences and become an active member of the Braves family.

The Division of Student Affairs includes Housing and Residence Life, Student Health Services, Student Involvement and Leadership, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Career Center, the Chavis University Center, Multicultural and Minority Affairs, Greek Life, Community and Civic Engagement, Intramurals and Campus Recreation, Student Conduct, and Campus Safety and Emergency Operations. Please be sure to get to know the Student Affairs staff. We are here for you!

Again, I welcome you to the Braves family!

John R. Jones, III., Ph.D 
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs