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Administrative Staff Competencies

Administrative Staff Competencies

Quality of Work and Productivity
Dependability and Reliability
Job Knowledge
Interpersonal Skills
Citizenship/Organizational Awareness
Communication Skills
Decision Making
Adaptability and Flexibility
Human Resources
Planning and Organization
Career Development


 Check MarkQuality of Work and Productivity - Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness and effectiveness in carrying out job assignments.  Plans and organizes work, sets and accomplishes goals and uses available resources to complete assignments on schedule; uses time effectively and efficiently; sets priorities; values time

Thumbs UpDependability and Reliability -Ability to trust the individual with duties that have been assigned to him/her; responds to messages/inquiries in a timely fashion.

Person ThinkingJob Knowledge - The extent to which the individual is current and accurate in knowledge and practices related to responsibilities of his/her position.

People talkingInterpersonal Skills - Behaves in a professional manner which fosters and maintains effective collaboration, trust, and respect; knows how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network; quickly finds common ground and solves problems for the good of all; represents his/her own interests and yet is fair to other groups; employee is an advocate for the success of other team members; listens carefully and responds appropriately to support the collegial and effective operation of own program and department. 

People in circleCitizenship/Organizational Awareness - Understands the goals of the organization and demonstrates commitment to them; aligns individual work with department priorities and standards; supports the goals of other departments and the greater good of the University; actively seeks ways to build partnerships among university programs and with campus colleagues.

SpeakingCommunication Skills - Writes, speaks and presents clearly, succinctly and effectively; fosters an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect that encourages feedback and conversation.

Direction ArrowsDecision Making - Makes timely and effective decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment; solutions and suggestions generally turn out to be appropriate when judged over time.  Is innovative in applying ideas to meet challenges and realizes opportunities; demonstrates imagination.

Direction ArrowsAdaptability and Flexibility - Changes direction and focus when needed to maintain alignment with organizational priorities; re-prioritizes work given a shift in circumstances; approaches change with a “can do” attitude; pursues new learning to adapt to changes; is open to new ideas and willing to act upon new information.

Clock and CalendarAttendance/Punctuality - Uses good judgment in scheduling time away from work and handling personal business during work hours; keeps supervisor and others informed as appropriate; respects time of others by arriving to meetings on time; and insures s/he is in attendance to all mission critical activities.

arrow and ladderInitiative - Proactively addresses issues and opportunities; seeks out new assignments and assumes additional responsibility when appropriate; seeks feedback and information to improve self and services provided.  Ability to be a self-starter, to offer suggestions and to anticipate needs.

Compliant StampCompliance - Complies with any university- and/or departmental-specific programs, related policies and procedures, guidelines, expectations, etc. (including performance, conduct, confidentiality, and data systems security) as well as standards of safety, accreditation, and other regulations. Identifies and reports in good faith potential incidents of noncompliance to supervisor and/or other appropriate officer.

paintbrushCreativity -Ability to execute responsibilities and approach problems in new, innovative, and original ways.

Human Resources cycleHuman Resources (Managerial/Supervisory Standards) - Approves work schedules and oversees daily operations. Participates in the hiring process. Responsible for new staff orientation. Conducts all performance appraisals/competency assessments in a timely manner in accordance with policy. Participates in personnel coaching, counseling, and implements performance improvement/career development plans as needed. Promotes a positive, motivating environment support of staff retention. Manages staff behavior and timely resolves issues, individually and within the department.

puzzlePlanning and Organization (Managerial/Supervisory Standards) - Ability to plan work, set priorities and goals, and meet deadlines.

ManagementLeadership/Supervision (Managerial/Supervisory Standards)- Builds support and enlists cooperation of others.  Develops and articulates clear vision and purpose of workplace.  Establishes and maintains open communication.  Demonstrates commitment to university and organizational values. Demonstrates an appreciation of workplace diversity. Ability to motivate the work force. Able to objectively assign job duties to staff and encourages collaboration amongst the team. Encourages employee initiative and the use of independent judgment.

Arrow with Career Career Development (Managerial/Supervisory Standards)- Able to anticipate and/or predict short and long term organization training needs.  Identifies applicable career development opportunities and/or tracks.  Offer clear and consistent feedback to employee’s on their progress.




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