Student Affairs
Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The University’s mission is predicated upon a philosophy of comprehensive and lifelong learning. Consistent with this philosophy, the Division of Student Affairs actively supports the University’s mission for academic excellence in a balanced program of teaching, research and service by providing comprehensive programs and services that will foster the intellectual, social, cultural, physical and emotional development of each individual student. By providing an environment in which community is nurtured, students are encouraged to contribute responsibly to the University and to society in general.

The mission of Student Affairs is to serve, shape and support students in the achievement of their academic and personal goals. This is accomplished by providing programs, services, activities and facilities that foster the intellectual, social, cultural, physical and emotional development of students.

GOAL I: (Advocacy) To serve within the University community as an advocate for student’s rights, issues, and concerns that influence the quality of their college experiences, and to serve as interpreters for students of institutional policies and procedures.

GOAL II: (Welfare) To provide for the health, safety, financial and physical needs and the psychological, and emotional welfare of students through services and programs that contribute to their ability to continue their education.

GOAL III: (Development) To teach, through experiences inside and outside the classroom, skills that empower students with self-knowledge and enhance the quality of their life experiences now and in later roles.

GOAL IV: (Involvement) To involve students in the life of the university community through activities, programs, communication and feedback, and through shared decision- making and consultation.

GOAL V: (Organizational Framework and Staffing) To establish a comprehensive organizational framework from which to administer all of the functions of the Student Affairs Division and to employ qualified personnel.

GOAL VI: (Staff Development) To provide both opportunity and incentive for professional staff development that will enhance office operations.

GOAL VII: (Physical Facilities) To provide adequate physical facilities for students and student service offices.

GOAL VIII: (Technology) To upgrade and enhance technical services, resources and equipment.

GOAL IX: (Budget) To provide leadership and administrative support in maintaining budgets for Student Affairs.

GOAL X: (Evaluation) To plan, implement and evaluate on-going student support services.