Student Affairs

Care Team

UNC Pembroke Campus Assessment, response and evaluation (care) TEam

The CARE Team is a group of administrators and staff who work closely with students who are struggling within the academic or social environment at UNCP. The team works to coordinate university resources to assist students who are at risk academically, or who exhibit maladaptive behavior or signs of emotional distress. The team also identifies students who have either experienced personal loss or failures while enrolled or who may be a danger to themselves or others within the UNCP community. The team develops intervention plans for each individual student based on the problems and concerns identified.

Types of student concerns to report:

  • Socially inappropriate behavior
  • Suspicion of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Significant health concerns that interfere with daily functioning
  • Disclosure of significant family or relationship issues
  • Signs of a lack of connection or integration in the University community
  • Sudden, alarming changes in behavior
  • Eating disorders
  • Any health problem that points to foreseeable danger to oneself or others

Do you know a student that is struggling within the academic or social environment at UNCP? If so, please complete the CARE Reporting Form and provide detailed information regarding the incident or situation involving the UNCP student.

This reporting form should not be used for emergency situations! If you believe there is an immediate threat or harm to self or others please call Campus Police at 910.521.6235.

The CARE Team Policy is available on the Student Affairs website for your review.

For more information contact the CARE Case Manager at 910.521.6202.