Student Affairs

2014-19 Goals

2014 -2019 Goals

Goal 1: Build a Robust Campus Environment

We will re-imagine and create physical space to foster our campus environment. We will also foster participation with and contribution from students, faculty, staff, and the greater community. What communication strategies have been improved, developed, and utilized.

Goal 2: Develop Enriching Student Experiences

We will develop opportunities that connect students with self-defined purposes.  Furthermore students will be leveraged with experiential learning to supplement current practice to meet the student’s learning objectives.

Goal 3: Promote a Campus of Value Based, Ethical Standards, Responsible and Personal Wellness

We will make an assertive effort to create responsible global student citizens, as well as maintaining a safe campus community.  We will individually and collectively model communitarian values, ethical standards, individual responsibility, and personal wellness.

Goal 4: Create an Inclusive, Diverse, and Respectful Campus

We will leverage our community’s diversity to develop a better sense of cultural appreciation, and teach and model cultural competency. We will infuse into our learning opportunities respectful dialogue about cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic, and other similarities and differences.

Goal 5: Cultivate a Sustainable Campus for Student Success

We will leverage staff, faculty, community talent, knowledge, and skills to support the professional development of our community. We will nurture and recognize the quality and commitment in our community as well as creating an institution of choice for staff and faculty.