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Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is provided by University Center and Programs to benefit campus residents who do not have transportation. There is a shopping shuttle and an airport shuttle.

The pick-up and drop-off location for the shuttle is located in front on the Jones Athletic Center Lot #14. Not sure where this is? Please refer to the campus map.

Reservations are required to assure that a seat will be guaranteed for you. If all seats have been reserved, you may show up at the shuttle stop in the event there are unclaimed seats.

We will make every effort to adhere to the posted schedule. However, you are encouraged to check this web site for schedule changes. We reserve the right to alter the schedule due to things beyond our control such as adverse weather or mechanical failures. Drivers have been encouraged to post last minute changes at the shuttle stop.

To register, please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the form.

If you have questions, please contact Penny Oxendine at penny.oxendine@uncp.edu or 910.521.6584.



Spring 2014 Shopping Schedule 
to Wal-Mart

Mondays 5PM-6PM

Tuesdays 6PM – 7PM

Fridays 4PM – 5PM

January 27th

January 21st

January 17th

February 3rd

January 28th

January 24th

February 10th

February 4th

January 31st

February 17th

February 11th

February  7th

February  24th

February 18th

February  14th

March 17th

February  25th

February 21st

March 24th

March 11th

March 14th

March 31st

March 18th

March 21st

April 7th

March 25th

March 28th

April 14th

April 1st

April 4th 

April 21st

April 8th

April 11th 

April 28th

April 15th

April 25th 


April 22nd

May 2nd


April 29th


Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle operates during major University scheduled breaks as follows:

Fall Semester 2013 Schedule:

Arrival at RDU - 8/13 at 2pm
Departure from RDU - 8/13 at 3pm

Fall Break

Departure from Campus to RDU 10/9 at 2pm
Arrival at RDU 10/9 at 4pm

Arrival at RDU – 10/13 at 2pm 
Departure from RDU to Campus 10/13 at 3pm

Thanksgiving Break

Departure from Campus to RDU - 11/26 at 1pm
Arrival at RDU 11/26 at 3pm

Arrival at RDU - 12/1 at 3pm
Departure from RDU - 12/1 at 4pm

End of Semester 

Departure from Campus to RDU 12/6 at 2pm
Arrival RDU 12/6 4pm

Spring Semester 2013 Schedule:

Departure from Campus to RDU 1/12 at 1pm
Arrival at RDU 1/12 3pm
Departure from RDU at 4pm

Spring Break

Departure from Campus to RDU 2/28 at 2pm
Arrival at RDU 2/28 at 4pm

Arrival at RDU 3/9 at 1pm
Departure from RDU to Campus 3/9 at 2pm

End of Semester

Departure from Campus to RDU 5/9 at 2pm
Arrival RDU 5/9 at 4pm


While we will make every effort to arrive on time and depart when scheduled, unscheduled delays may occur. The airport shuttle service schedule is subject to change without notice. Please check back frequently for updates.

To finalize your reservations, please email a copy of your itinerary to uc@uncp.edu. Your reservation is incomplete until the itinerary is on file; the itinerary is due one week prior to the date of transport.

You must register to ride one week prior to the dates listed. The shuttle is only available at the times listed. Shuttles will be cancelled if no one registers for the service. 

Train/Bus Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs will coincide with the scheduled airport runs and interested individuals should plan accordingly. The shuttle will only transport riders to the bus/train station if a student has a bus/train ticket. Students who use the shuttle to meet parents and do not have a bus/train ticket must meet them at the airport.


To schedule train transportation contact:

Amtrak Station - Raleigh
320 W. Cabarrus Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

To schedule bus transportation contact:

Greyhound Bus Lines
314 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

To schedule flights contact:

Raleigh-Durham-International Airport
PO Box 80001,
RDU Airport, NC 27623

These are the only locations served by the shuttle service.


Other Transportation 

To schedule a ride or obtain more information, call SEATS (South East Area Transit System) at 910.618.5679 Monday through Friday between 8:15am - 5:15pm. 



To register:

  1. Complete the following form
  2. Please print and complete the Travel Standard of Code and Travel/Waiver forms and bring to the shuttle pick-up site for each trip you participate in.

    Note: Must show Braves One Card at the shuttle stop prior to boarding.

    UC Travel Code of Conduct (PDF)

    UC Travel Release (PDF)

If travel plans change, please cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

For airport/train/bus transports only: You will receive an email confirmation including instructions at least two days prior to your transport date. If you do not, please contact the University Center and Programs Office at 910-521-6584 before the transport date to confirm receipt of your reservation.Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

Please provide the following information then click the "Submit" button.