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    Yesterday evening Piedmont Natural Gas disconnected natural gas service to main campus in order prevent potential hazards. As of this morning, gas service has not been restored. Utility crews are working continuously to repair the segment and restore service as soon as possible.

    It is important to know faculty, staff, students and visitors on campus are not in immediate danger because of any potential gs leaks. The disruption in service may affect some campus activity throughout the day, including dining services. Dining facilities are working to bring in the necessary resources to provide limited hot meal options. We appreciate your patience and will update you as additional information becomes available.

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Criminal Behavior/Suspicious Person

The University Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day for your assistance and protection. This service is provided seven days a week on a year-round basis.

Quick Response…

In-Progress Incidents

  • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the crime except in case of self-protection.
  • Give your name and location and make sure the dispatcher understands that the incident IS IN PROGRESS.

Reporting Crimes in Progress

Call 6235. Provide the following information: (1) nature of the incident.  Advise that the incident is in progress; (2) location; (3) description of suspect(s); (4) description of weapons; (5) description of property; (6) auto license of vehicle; (7) direction of travel upon escape; and (8) stay on the line with the dispatcher.

Reporting Crimes Which Have Already Occurred

  • All crimes should be reported.
  • Call 6235.  Do not touch anything that may relate to the crime.
  • When the University Police Department responds, provide a description of property and the names/descriptions of any suspects or witnesses.

Crime Prevention

  • Always lock your office, car and room door(s) when you leave (even if it’s just for a few minutes).
  • Avoid walking or jogging alone. Avoid poorly lit areas.
  • Engrave your driver’s license number on all valuables.  Keep records of all credit cards and property serial numbers. University Police will loan you an engraver.
  • When walking at night to a parking lot, have your keys ready so that you can get into your car quickly and without attracting someone’s attention.  Be alert to your surroundings.
  • Do not leave keys in your car or valuables in view.  Lock all valuables, radios, cell phones, sporting equipment, camera, briefcase, luggage, etc), in the trunk.
  • Call 6235 to request a ride from University Police.  This is an “on-campus” service provided free of charge from dark until 1 a.m. during the academic year.
  • Never leave laptop computers, wallets, purses, book bags, etc. unsecured or unattended.
  • Report all threats and suspicious activities or persons.