Division of Information Technology

Personal Equipment and Malware

There are three classes of student hardware for on campus.

  • Laptops associated with student programs.
    • Teaching Fellows, Honors College and other groups on campus have a number of laptops associated with them purchased with university money. These laptops are university property and will be returned to the University upon completion of the program.
  • Computers purchased through the UNC Pembroke Bookstore.
    • These computers are not university property. 
  • Computers purchased off campus.
    • Any computer that is not owned by the University, nor purchased through the university bookstore.

Computers falling into the first category are treated like any piece of university equipment and can be brought directly to the DoIT Helpdesk.

Computers falling into the second and third category have no direct option for support through our department at this time. The University does provide free anti-virus for all residential students in an effort to mitigate problems from malware.