Division of Information Technology


BraveMail is UNCP's email system for students. It is syndicated through Microsoft. It can be accessed through BraveWeb from the University's website. Unlike the rest of our electronic services it does need to be set up separate from your University-issued username/password. Instructions for setting up BraveMail are below:


Go to https://braveweb.uncp.edu and log into BraveWeb.



Click on temporary password located below the BraveMail link.

A pop-up box should appear with your BraveMail temporary password in bold. You can do one of two things here:

  1. Write down the password and type it in by hand later  … or …
  2. Highlight the entire password and copy it (right-click the password and select Copy )

Click the red X on the top-right to close the window.



Click on the BraveMail link.  A Microsoft 365 page will appear. It will prompt you to change your temporary password.

The old password will be your temporary password from the step above. You can either type this in by hand or right click and paste the password (depending on what you did in the first step).

The new password can be any password of your choosing. It can be the same as your BraveWeb password. 



Once the account has been verified, you will be taken to a Sign in page.  Enter your complete email address (username@bravemail.uncp.edu) and your BraveMail password, and then click Sign In.



Congratulations!  You are now in your BraveMail email.  In the future you can access this email quickly, by logging into BraveWeb and clicking on the BraveMail link.  This will log you in instantly.


Accessing BraveMail On Your Mobile Device

We provide easy to follow instructions for iOS and Android here:  http://www.uncp.edu/student-life/student-services/information-technology/students/bravemail-mobile

DoIT cannot always support setting up BraveMail on every cell phone due to the wide variety of makes and models, so we cannot always help you troubleshoot issues that could arise while setting it up. We do provide some support where we can.