Division of Information Technology




Click here to download the instructions.

  1. Login to the BraveWeb.
  2. Click the BraveMail link at the top.
  3. Your initial password will automatically appear after "Initial process to activate BraveMail."
  4. Write down the initial password BEFORE moving to step 5.
  5. After reading the statement, click "I agree."
  6. In your browser, the activation page will appear. Please enter the requested information.
  7. Click "Submit."
  8. Log out of the Exchange Labs screen.
  9. Log back into BraveWeb and click on BraveMail.

Your new email address is username@bravemail.uncp.edu.

Email addressed to username@uncp.edu will be delivered to both BraveMail and Webmail during the fall semester. Email addressed to username@bravemail.uncp.edu is being delivered ONLY to one account: BraveMail, not Webmail. 

For more information about BraveMail,
please contact helpdesk@uncp.edu or 521-6260.