Division of Information Technology


I have never taken an online course before. Where can I go for instructions?

Distance Education has an online orientation at

If you have further questions, you may contact Distance Education at 910.521.6367.

I am an incoming student and need to create a BraveWeb and/or Blackboard account.

To create an account, you need to proceed to BraveWeb and click on the “New User” link in the top left corner of the page, above the log in box. After selecting “Student” you will see a page asking for your last name, zip code and secret code. Filling out and submitting this form will start the Web site to walk you through account creation. If you do not have a secret code, you will need to contact Admissions at 910.521.6262.

I was taking a test online when I lost my Internet connection or was otherwise interrupted during the test.

You will need to contact your instructor to re-access a test on Blackboard. The DoIT Help Desk cannot confirm or deny technical errors that occur outside of the University; therefore re-admittance to a test is left to the instructor’s discretion.

I cannot see a class in Blackboard.

1) If you have just registered for a Blackboard course you will not have access to it until you are populated into the course (which occurs overnight during an update).

2) Please log into BraveWeb and access your “Detailed Class Schedule” in “Banner Self Service.” Verify your class is listed there. If it is not, contact the Registrar.

3) If your class is listed in your schedule, check the course ID. If the course ID does not end in 800,801,802 or 803, then your course may not be using Blackboard. Check your syllabus or consult your instructor to verify.

4) If your course is using Blackboard or its course ID ends in 800, 801, 802 or 803 and you registered for it more than 48 hours ago, then contact the DoIT Help Desk at 910.521.6260.

I am faculty/staff and cannot log into Blackboard for a class I am taking.

Faculty and staff have a separate student username to log into Blackboard when taking classes. Please make sure you are logging in with this account and not your normal faculty/staff account username. If you have forgotten your student username or password, contact the Help Desk at 910.521.6260.

What browsers are supported in Blackboard 9?

Click here to view a list of the supported operating systems and browsers.