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Announcements appear in the order that they are posted, with the most recent appearing first.

Enter a Subject for the Announcement. This is a required field. The Subject is the first line of the Announcement. Enter the body of the Announcement in the Text Box. Messages can contain formatted text, images, multimedia, and links. Announcements can be saved as Reusable Objects and stored in the Content Collection.


Announcements appear in the order posted with the most recent Announcement appearing first. You can create Permanent Announcements, which will appear at the top of the list, before all dated Announcements.

Announcements can have date and time restrictions added to control when they are displayed and for how long. If applicable, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes and type the dates and times. Alternatively, use the pop-up Date Selection Calendar and the pop-up Time Selection Menu to select dates and times.

Course Link

A Course Link is a shortcut to an area, a tool, or an item. Course Links can be included in Announcements. The link only appears when the area, tool, or item is available. If the item is unavailable, the link does not appear in the Announcement. If a Content Item is deleted, the Course Link is removed from the Announcement but the Announcement itself remains.

Email Announcement

All users in a Course can be notified by email that an Announcement has been added to the Course. The Subject becomes the title of the Announcement on the Announcements page and is a required field. In the Message text box, you can add text, images, multimedia, and links. Images cannot be uploaded directly into the Text Editor, but must be linked to a files in Course Files.


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