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Career Services Myths & Realities

Myth: The Career Center is only helpful for business majors.
Reality: While campus recruitment is a function of employer demand rather than career services effort, the Career Services Center can help students from all majors. Career Services can help students from all majors prepare to be strong candidates in their chosen fields by teaching them job search skills and helping them make connections with potential employers.

Myth: The Career Center is only for seniors.
Reality: Students should begin their career planning during their first year of college, and continue their career planning and development through their senior year and beyond. (View prescribed 4-year plan.) Students may get left behind if they wait until junior or senior year to take advantage of the Career Center's services.

Myth: Employers who conduct campus interviews are not really hiring.
Reality: Companies spend a lot of money sending recruiters out to college campuses to recruit. They would not spend this money if they were not really hiring. Most companies recruit on campus very early in the academic year and all intend to hire, but may not be sure of the exact number or location of the available jobs.

Myth: Many employers interviewing on campus only hire students with a high GPA.
Reality: While most employers are interested candidates with high GPA's, they are more attracted to students who have completed internships or other related work experience.

Myth: The Career Center is a placement office.
Reality: The Career Center is an educational agency within an educational institution, and is not in control of the economy. Its mission is to teach students the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search, not to "place" them into jobs.

Myth: Very few students get a job through the Career Services office.
Reality: Many students get jobs indirectly through Career Services by establishing contacts at career fairs and on-campus interviews.

Source: Harris, Marcia B. and Jones, Sharon L. The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning