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Student Procedures for Alternative Testing

Students are responsible for registering to take exams in the Accessibility Resource Centerwhen they learn the date an exam is scheduled. With the exception of evening classes, students are to take the test the SAME TIME the class regularly meets unless the instructor provides permission for an alternate time.

Faculty may penalize the exam grade if it is determined the student schedules and takes the test at a different time from the class without faculty permission.

It would be helpful and advisable to fill out request forms for scheduled tests, as outlined on the course syllabus, at the beginning of each semester. Exam Proctoring Authorization Forms are available in the office of Accessibility Resource Center.

Students are to provide Accessibility Resource Center an authorization form for testing at least one week in advance. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange with ARC and the instructor the time and day of exams.

Testing Lab

To ensure the integrity of the testing environment, students may not take any personal belongings into the testing area unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Accessibility Resource Center staff will monitor all testing. The testing lab is under video surveillance.