Student Involvement & Leadership

LEAD Fellows


The LEAD Fellows mission is to foster significant improvements in leadership and interpersonal communication skills for the University of North Carolina Pembroke student community.   Through active learning techniques that focus on problem solving skills, enhancing cultural proficiency, and interpersonal communication to engage students, LEAD Fellow will teach a common leadership language and increase student’s leadership capacity. 



LEAD Fellows are well-trained peer leadership educators who facilitate leadership based workshops for students, student organizations, and classroom settings.   As an extension of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL), LEAD Fellows provide a process for peer to peer education based on the ideas of experimental learning and with a theoretical foundation based on the Social Change Model of Leadership.  In order to promote leadership as a collaborative, purposeful, values-based, relational leadership processes, LEAD Fellows focus on programs that engage students as a variety of abilities, and engagement levels, with appropriately designed opportunities to develop their leadership capacity.  In additional LEAD Fellows are responsible for the development of the fall and spring leadership conferences, as well as LEAD curriculum workshops that include but not limited to team’s course adventures, leadership concepts, and the Social Change Model of Leadership.