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Givens Performing Arts Center

On Stage for Youth Series

2013-14 on Stage for Youth Series

Educational programs that bring the classroom to the stage!

Please call the box office to make your reservations. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please provide the name of the school, contact person and number of students and chaperones. One chaperone ticket is complimentary with the purchase of ten student tickets. Any reservation not canceled one week prior to the performance will be billed to the school.

On Stage for Youth Brochure & Order form

All dates and artists subject to change due to availability.

Tickets are $7 for Students/ $8 for Teachers/ $10 Adults


Skippyjon Jones

Thursday, October 31, 2013
10:00 am

Skippyjon Jones is a little kitten with big ears and even bigger dreams! Sometimes he pretends to be a bird, sometimes he pretends to be a llama, and sometimes he pretends to be a whale… Anything BUT a Siamese cat!

His Mama sends him to his room so that he can think about behaving like the cat he really is. While bouncing on his big boy bed, Skippyjon’s wild imagination takes over again as he catches his reflection in a mirror. “Holy guacamole,” Skippyjon exclaims. “My ears are too big for my head, my head is too big for my body. I am not a Siamese cat – I am a CHIHUAHUA!”

And not just any Chihuahua. He dons a mask, a cape, and an accent, and transforms into Skippito Friskito, the greatest canine sword fighter in old Mexico! But when the local pack of chihuahuas is terrorized by the gigantic bee, Alfredo Buzzito El Blimpo Bublebeeto Bandito, will Skippyjon be a ‘fraidy-cat or the top dog?

Based on the book by Judy Schachner, Skippyjon Jones is an enchanting musical about unleashing your powerful imagination and following your dreams. (Approximately one hour in length, recommended for grades K -4)

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS:  Language/Communication Skills, Literature-Based, Family Relationships, Values Based


The Monster Who Ate My Peas

Monday, January 13, 2014
10:00 am

Based on the multi-award winning book written by Danny Schnitzlein and illustrated by Matthew Faulkner, ArtsPower's newest musical tells the funny and poignant story of a young boy who doesn't want to eat his peas. When a crafty monster appears underneath his kitchen table, the boy is ready to make a deal with the monster. If the monster eats his peas, the boy will give the monster any of his possessions. First, it's the boy's soccer ball.  Then, his bike. But, when the monster raises the stakes, will the boy refuse the monster and make the difficult decision to face his own fears? Children and adults alike will be entertained and engaged by this wonderfully written tale about the value of will power.  (Approximately 55 minutes in length, recommended for grades K-2)
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Family Relationships, Language/Communications Skills, Literature-Based, Musical,
Values Based.


Dinosaur Train Live!
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
10:00 am

Based on the popular PBS series.  DINOSAUR TRAIN embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains. The series encourages basic scientific thinking skills as the audience learns about life science, natural history and paleontology.  Come join Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and all of their friends and family in this upbeat interactive, multi-media live trip back to the Mesozoic! DINOSAUR TRAIN LIVE! takes the whole family back in time to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth....and rode in trains!

From giant Laura to teeny Tiny, all of our friends will be brought to life in an exciting, original, musical story created just for the stage where our audience is always a part of the show. We join our Pteranodon family on a new adventure, with the Conductor along for the ride to always keep things on track, and a "live" human Paleontologist character to check in along the way.  Through interactivity, music and laughter DINOSAUR TRAIN - LIVE! will have kids up and dancing in the aisles.

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Life science, Natural history and Paleontology, Asking questions, Making observations, predictions, and connections, Forming hypotheses / developing possible explanations, Investigating and exploring the natural world, Drawing conclusions, and Sharing findings with others.