• weather Alert ✖CLOSE

    UNCP is open on a normal schedule today, Thursday, February 26. The Adverse Weather Policy is in effect until 12 noon. 

    Students, faculty and staff should use caution traveling to campus.

    Off campus sites will follow the host campus schedule.

Campus Recreation


Intramural Sports at UNCP provides an opportunity for every student to participate in an athletic or recreational activity on a voluntary basis.  Your involvement as a participant or  spectator is a great way to become engaged member of the campus community.

By getting involved in Intramural Sports, you will develop an appreciation of leisure time and a positive attitude toward physical activity while in college and in the future.  Whether you are an occasional participant, or an active daily competitor, Intramural Sports has something for everyone.

 "You must be a registered student, or a faculty/staff in order to participate in intramurals."