Campus Recreation

Leadership Opportunities

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) believe that community and campus involvement is a powerful vehicle for leadership.  To effectively practice leadership in these contexts one must:

  • Live and think in a state of possibility
  • Develop and nurture relationships
  • Promote positive change
  • Understand and communicate leadership as a process, not a position
  • Empower others to act
  • Practice controversy with civility
  • Embrace and appreciate differences of all people

 To that end OSIL offers several programs and opportunities for students to understand and practice leadership in a purposeful, collaborative, values-based, and relational process of people in a supportive community creating positive change. 

 Key events include:

  • Welcome Week Events
  • Bi-annual Involvement Fairs                                                                       
  • Student Organization Officer Training                                    
  • #UNCPinDC trip(over fall break)                              
  • Adventureships  (USNWC 9/27, Canoe 10/11)
  • Homecoming                                    
  • Campus Movie Fest       

 For more ways to get connected and get involved:

University Center 225                                    910.521.6482                        


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