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Welcome From the Study Abroad Coordinator

Dear Prospective Study Abroad Student,


Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the 2012 summer Olympics in Rio, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the Great Wall of China, the northern lights in Finland, or the Great Barrier Reef of Australia? Have you ever imagined studying international relations in Uruguay, business in Japan, Spanish in Ecuador, art history in Spain, fine arts in Sweden or reading Shakespeare in England?


Studying abroad may be that defining moment in your education that can change your life. Nothing will be quite the same after you have studied abroad. Your perspectives will be global, your opinions will be international and your memories will last a lifetime. Your resume' will be more attractive, in some cases your language proficiency will be advanced (English opportunities are available), and you will have developed lifelong friendships.


As a global citizen in today's world you are more aware of cultural similarities than differences, and you strive to practice humility, tolerance, and self-criticism. You understand how to get things done in this world and you nurture and empower others around you. You are a leader in your own right.


If you are considering study abroad, you are demonstrating a desirable trait that sets you apart from other students: intellectual and cultural curiosity. The choice to spend time living and learning in an international setting may be one of the most enriching and life-changing experiences you will have. Your desire to expand your cultural horizons and experience life from an entirely new perspective is nothing less than exhilarating.


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers many options to study abroad for a semester, a year, or to participate in faculty-led study abroad programs that vary in length. If this is your first trip abroad or your seventh trip, I promise to work with you to find the best possible option. All students, including traditional, non-traditional, day, evening, commuter, resident, undergraduate, and graduate are encouraged to study abroad. There are many options available and financial aid can apply to your study abroad.


Travel abroad is an incredibly enriching experience, and when coupled with academics it becomes even more rewarding and valuable. Please call 910.775.4095, e-mail me at or stop by the Center for International Programs for more information.




Study Abroad Coordinator