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Yonsei University at Wonju

Study Abroad in South Korea
Global Village Program

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers the opportunity to study at Yonsei University at Wonju.Korea

In an effort to create a truly globalized university, Yonsei has been, and is currently participating in programs that allow faculty and students to study abroad within exchange programs with related institutions. 
Koreans have long recognized the value of English as an international language of communication. Because of this, many overseas English language programs have found that Korean students occupy a significant percentage of their classes. Furthermore, as Korea has become more visible in international circles, business, sports and academia, many universities outside Korea have opened Korean studies departments/majors at their institutions.
We have created what is called the ‘Global Village’ within the Yonsei University, Wonju campus. This village is housed in our dormitories. The citizens are Yonsei university students who have a special interest in English as a foreign language, along with students from abroad who are native or expert English speakers. All activities, announcements, signs, and so forth will be in the English language.
Programs for our Korean students are operated in cooperation with the Institute of Language Research and Education to provide structured English language study. Other activities will be operated so that the GV will be, in essence, a yearlong English language semi-immersion camp.
You are given a stipend to participate in this program can reap the benefits of learning about Korea, while interning as a ‘language and cultural ambassador.’ The stipend completely covers the costs of tuition, airfare, and dormitory, and provides some pocket money. Korean language classes for international students are offered as well as other culturally related elective classes that are taught in English.


Global Village Opportunity

The Global Village(GV)  Program  is  an  expansion  of  the student  exchange  program in which international exchange students will take part in the cultural internship program, living with a small group of Korean students in a more amicable environment while taking courses of their choice. Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to interact with other international students from different places around the world.

All the activities in the GV program are conducted in English. International students will come to understand Korean life style and its culture as well as make friends with Korean students. At the same time Korean students will also be able to experience Western culture as they interact closely with the exchange students.



Yonsei University is located in the city of Wonju, an hour and a half drive away from Seoul  the capital city of Korea. Located in the vicinity of the beautiful  Chiak Mountain and numerous beaches on the East Sea coast, Wonju is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Korea.  It is also a preferred place for such leisure sports as skiing, rafting, MTB, hiking and many more.  You will enjoy your free time experiencing Korean culture and nature in these natural surroundings.

Please review the list of course offerings and formal education at Yonsei University at Wonju. 

Requirements to apply:Korea

  • Minimum G.P.A. 2.50
  • Sophomore Standing



To learn more about the study abroad opportunity at Yonsei University in South Korea, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, in the Center for International Programs at, 910.521.6573 or stop by the Center for International Programs Office. You are required to submit:

  • UNCP Application for Study Abroad
  • Application for Yonsei University at Wonju
  • Motivational Essay on why you want to study at Yonsei University at Wonju.
  • Two Reference Letters
  • Copy of all college transcripts
  • Copy of passport and medical insurance

You should minimally budget for the following:



You will pay tuition and fees to UNCP. and room and board in your host country. Students will receive a stipend for providing weekly mentoring sessions to Korean students. Deadlines for submitting mentoring summaries are firm. In addition, you will be required to participate in cultural activities as part of the Global Village program.

For information on Global Village Financial Aid, please review the guidelines and requirements.