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University of Mannheim
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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers the opportunity to study at the University of Mannheim for a semester or full-year, in English.

The University of Mannheim is well known for its distinct profile, its business orientation and its international approach. Various rankings, awards and evaluations indicate the quality of its research and teaching: they classify the University of Mannheim as one of the best universities in Germany. Moreover, the University is part of the national "Excellence Initiative", which funds the Mannheim Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS). The University's trademark is its distinct profile. It is characterised by Mannheim's renowned Economic and Social Sciences being closely intertwined with Humanities, Law, Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Its schools and research institutes cooperate with numerous international partners. Institutes and projects like the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) and a number of collaborative research centres underline the University's reputation as one of the Top 20 institutions in Economic and Social Sciences in Europe.

With the unique project "Renaissance of the Baroque Palace" the University of Mannheim and its partners were able to renovate the university library and 24 lecture halls, and to equip them with modern technology. This project is funded by companies, foundations, and private sponsors. Recently, the University of Mannheim has been elected the most beautiful campus of Germany. It is mainly located in Mannheim Palace - the largest baroque palace in Germany. The lecture halls are in close reach of the city centre, which is aligned symmetrically to the Palace. About 3,000 employers and 12,000 students currently enjoy the privileges of this unique setting and its atmosphere.



Mannheim is situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers and forms the center of the Rhine Neckar Metropolitan Region. What is particularly impressive is the city’s diversity, which it owes to its shopping mile, first-class cultural offerings, the large baroque palace, Jugendstil architecture and modern industry and service complexes.

Mannheim’s entire city center, a type of chessboard, is symmetrically aligned with the palace. It is just a few steps from the lecture hall to a pavement café. And for those who prefer a bit of nature, it is just a five-minute walk to the grassy banks of the Rhine or the university’s own tennis courts which can be found there too. The ICE high-speed train station directly borders the campus and takes passengers to Frankfurt airport, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe in just thirty minutes, to Switzerland in two hours and Paris in a good three hours and in four and a half hours either to Hamburg or Berlin.


Requirements to apply:

UNCP students need to submit an application for study abroad. Once you have been accepted, we will nominate you to the University of Mannheim and then you will be sent a link, from Mannheim, to begin the online application process.

  • Minimum G.P.A. 3.00
  • Sophomore Standing
  • Maximum 2 UNCP students per semester are eligible to participate, and a full-year option is available as well.


Academic Courses/Credit

Please review the course catalogue and information on the different types of courses that are offered.

Initially you will register for WLS 4990-Study Abroad in Braveweb. Upon return we will replace WLS 4990-Study Abroad with your pre-approved coursework from Germany. Please note these credits will be transfer credit and will not be included in your overall GPA. However, the courses/credits will apply towards the completion of your degree program at UNCP.

In order to successfully transfer credit back to UNCP, you must have a 'C' letter grade or the equivalent, or higher.



Students will take courses in English. German proficiency is not required. We would encourage you to take a German language class, but it is not a requirement to study abroad at the University of Mannheim.


Accommodations in Germany

Student residence halls are the ideal place to get to know not only German students but also fellow students from all over the world! Learn more about student residence options at Mannheim.



You will pay tuition and fees to UNCP. In addition, you should minimally budget for a passport, visa, room, board, travel, and personal spending money.



You do not need an entrance visa/student visa, but you will have to register at the foreign residence office ("Ausländerbehörde") and apply for a residency permit ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis") after your arrival in Germany.


Health Insurance

Upon arrival in Germany, UNCP students are required to purchase the German Health Insurance for about 77€ per month. This policy will cover you in Germany only.

In addition, UNCP students are required to purchase HTH International Health Insurance for the duration of their program. The cost is approximately $1.32/day (subject to change) and will cover you in every country but your home country.


Financial Aid

Students can use their financial Aid for semester or year long programs. In order to be eligible students must take the equivalent of a full-time course load (12-18 credit hours). Please contac the Financial Aid Office to determine your financial aid eligibility.


Want to learn more about studying at Mannheim?

Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator at 910.521.6573 or via email at