International Programs

Preparing For Your Return

It may seem unseemly to think about coming home when you have arrived abroad, but in some respects it is important to do so. There are several details that you must attend to in order to ensure a smooth transition home. Before you leave please be sure to:

Prepare your transcript: In most international education systems, producing a transcript is not a question of simply filing a request for a computer printout. You may have the responsibility to provide your program coordinator with a list of courses that you took, and possibly have all of your professors sign your documents. It is your responsibility to learn what is required of you, and then carry it out, in order that your transcript can be procured. Please remember that all transcripts must be mailed to the Study Abroad Office in order to ensure proper credit transfer.

Register for Next Semester: In most instances, you will be able to register for classes for the semester of your return using Braveweb. In order to register you will need your PIN. Please contact your advisor for this information. It is important not to wait to register for your classes, as some of your course selections may fill up.

Make Arrangements for Housing: Housing on and around campus remains a premium. If you desire on-campus housing arrangements, please submit your application as early as possible. This may be before you leave, or shortly thereafter.

Prepare for Culture Shock: What, you say? It is important to understand that your experiences overseas have reshaped your values and the way in which you view the world. When you take the “new you” home, you may find that you will experience a culture shock in much the same way you did when you arrived in your host country. You may find that your family and friends’ interests in your experience quickly wanes, and you may find yourself wishing to return to your host country. Remember, just as with initial culture shock, reverse culture shock tends to wane as you reintegrate back home.