International Programs

Academic Pre-Approval

The “Study” in Study Abroad

It is necessary for you to develop an understanding of the academic content within your degree program, and how your studies abroad will apply to your degree when you return. Note also that in order to qualify for financial aid you are required to take a course load abroad equivalent to full time at UNCP.

Based on your current academic plan you must be academically eligible for study abroad based on credits and where you are in your program. Students may not delay their graduation in order to study abroad.

When you submit your application to study abroad you will have an official course of study included with your application. Having alternate coursework planned - a backup plan - helps immensely. Once you are accepted by your host university you will make sure your department chair and the Director of International Programs all sign off on your course work for final approval.

You may have to schedule several meetings with the Director of International Programs prior to submitting your study abroad application. It is important to work with all appropriate offices to consider how the credit, if successfully completed, will transfer to your degree.

Seniors: UNCP requires the final 25% of your coursework be taken at UNCP. However, as stated in the catalog ("Academic Policies"), a Study Abroad program "approved by the Dean and the Department Chair may be substituted unless it reduces the number of semester hours in residence at UNC Pembroke to fewer than 30." Approval, therefore, from your dean and department chair is required of all seniors considering studies abroad.

Please review the UNCP Study Abroad Application and Policies and Guidelines.