International Programs

Choosing a Program

The first step in the studying abroad process is determining which program is best for you. There are many options through ISEP, UNCEP, The Magellan Exchange, or University Exchange agreements that may interest you. The Study Abroad Coordinator will work with you to determine which program is best for you based on academics, location of interest, financial aid, and language ability (if applicable). 

Academic Major

You are encouraged to begin discussion with your academic advisor as early as possible in your academic career. By initiating this process early you can organize your on-campus course choices to create opportunity for study abroad.

During the study abroad application process you will select courses that may apply to your academic program and you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor to pre-plan. Once you have been accepted to a study abroad program you are required to meet with your academic advisor and finalize your course selection.

Your academic advisor, relevant Department Chairs, the Dean of your School and the Internatinal Programs Office are required to sign-off on your course selection indicating the course that you register for will transfer back to UNCP and be applied to your program of study.

Financing your Study Abroad

The financial aid support that you receive to attend UNCP will apply to your study abroad program. Once you have determined your study abroad location and met with the Director of International Programs, you should make an appointment to meet with your Financial Aid Counselor , to review your individual criteria.

Language Ability

Many programs are taught in English and knowledge of a foreign language is not required. Some programs offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in a language before classes begin or you can take an introduction language class at your host institution. The Center for International Programs encourages students, for your own knowledge, to study a foreign language but this is not a prerequisite or requirement.  If you plan to seek UNCP credit for language courses abroad, note that, as for all other classes, you must get prior approval from the Chair of Department on your Course Authorization form.

Parental Encouragement/Involvement

It is important to involve your parent/s or support network in your study abroad planning. With the globalization of the world, the number of students studying abroad is on the rise. Study abroad should be at the very center of your undergraduate education because it aspires you to develop reflection and critical thinking, problem solving, communication, the ability to conduct research independently, adaptability, appreciation for diversity, and respect for the views of others. This is an academic and socially empowering opportunity for you that can forever change your life.