International Programs

Academic Pre-Approval

The “Study” in Study Abroad

It is necessary for you to develop an understanding of the academic content within your degree program, and how your studies abroad will apply to your degree when you return. Note also that in order to qualify for financial aid you are required to take a course load abroad equivalent to full time at UNCP; and, every course you take abroad must count towards credit you need to graduate (major courses, minor courses, electives, general education requirements, etc.).

When you submit your application to study abroad you will be asked to work with your faculty advisor and relevant Chairs of Departments to complete a Course Authorization form. Having alternate coursework included on your Course Authorization form- a backup plan - helps immensely. 

You may have to schedule several meetings with the Study Abroad Coordinator, and your faculty advisor and other signatories on the Course Authorization form prior to studying abroad. It is important to work with all appropriate offices to consider how the credit, if successfully completed, will transfer to your degree.

Also note that Financial Aid, requires you to complete additional forms related to your aid and the courses you will take while abroad.  These forms mostly outline the policies discussed here from the Financial Aid Office perspective.  Finally, you will also complete, in two stages, a form which indicates which courses you were able to enroll in once you arrived at your host institution abroad, and at the end of each term you are there, that you completed the courses successfully.

Based on your current academic plan you must also be academically eligible for study abroad based on the credits you have earned. Students may not delay their graduation in order to study abroad.

Please review the UNCP Study Abroad Application and Policies and Guidelines.