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Platform/Community Service Essay

Each Contestant's application along with her platform essay will be submitted via mail to each of the judges at least one week prior to the local pageant. Judges will review these forms in order to formulate questions and/or topics for discussion during the individual contestant's private interview.

The contestant can expect that a large portion of the question and answer period of her private interview will be devoted to sharing information on her platform/community service topic. The judges will want to know how much she knows about the subject and what she proposes to do about it or has already done in relation to it.

The Platform or Community Service topic should be of "national public interest". The subject can be a project the contestant has already worked on or might work on should she be crowned Miss UNC Pembroke. It may or may not be the actual project or subject area she works on if crowned, as she will not be held to this platform per se after the pageant competition. It should be an area the contestant feels strongly about, and a subject on which she can take a deifinite stand. She should be able to support that stand by reason, opinion and fact in her essay and in her verbal interview. The platform issue should contain an explanation of the problem or need as viewed by the contestant, the reasons creating the issue, and what she proposes to do about is as Miss UNC Pembroke and/or what she may have already done or begun to do in relation to it.

The Platform Essay must:

  1. Be no more than 300 words in length.
  2. Be typed on regular white bond paper, double-spaced on one side only.
  3. Be titled above the first line of the essay.
  4. Contain the contestant's name in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  5. Be signed below the last line of the essay by the contestant.