Housing and Residence Life


Spring 2015 Check – Out Information
On-Campus Student Housing Closes
Saturday, May 9 at 3:00pm


 As a resident, you have two options for check out.  Please note the information/procedures listed below for each option.  Once you have made your choice (in conjunction with your roommates) follow the appropriate steps to complete your check out.  Note that failure to follow the procedures below may result in additional charges.  If you have questions, please see your Resident Advisor or Community Director.


 Use this option only if:

  •  There are no damages in your room/suite/apartment
  •  All agree (including suites/apartments) to express check out
  •  You do not have concerns about cleaning charges

 This option allows you to leave as soon as you are finished with your exams. The RA will conduct a damage/ cleanliness inspection at their convenience after you leave. If you utilize this option, you will be required to sign a statement waiving your right to appeal damage charges. If you and your roommates do not agree to use this option, you must use option number two!  Follow the steps below to complete an express check out:

  • By Monday, May 9, go to your residence hall receptionist’s desk (Village - community building office or Courtyard office) between 10am and 10pm and submit your signed roommate express check out form to receive an Express Check-out Envelope.
  • Your RCF (Room Condition Form) will be marked as an express check out and you will be issued an Express Check-out Envelope.
  • Move out your belongings, clean your room thoroughly (refer to list for room cleaning section), and then lock the door on your way out.  Note this must be done within 24 hours of your last exam.
  • Place your room key in the envelope and seal it.  Return the signed envelope to where you initially received the express envelope.  Make sure the envelope is sealed properly!


      You must sign up for your appointment during Exam Week – May 5th – 10th!

Schedule a 15-minute checkout appointment with your RA. Each RA will have a posted appointment schedule for exam week on their room door.  Failure to schedule an appointment may result in an improper checkout fee in addition to any charges for damages/cleaning.  Each resident is responsible for submitting their key(s) and Room Condition Form to the Housing Office located on the second floor in the University Center Annex.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, from 8:00am-5:00pm.  Residents checking out after office hours will submit their key and form to the live-in staff.

 Important Notes About Check-Out

  • All roommates must thoroughly clean the room.  Follow the checklist below in order to minimize thecharges.  Note:  Your room has to be in the same CLEAN condition as it was when you moved in.  If your room is not clean you will be assessed a charged!
  • Begin discarding some unwanted items you have accumulated throughout the year.  For convenience and safety of others, keep all debris and belongings out of the hallways and suite lounges.
  • Don’t Dump, Donate!  Recycle bins for clothing and food will be available in the hall lobbies beginning on Thursday, April 24.  Outside near the residential communities, 3 containers for electronics; 3 single stream containers for paper, cans, glass, and cardboard; and 6 dumpsters for unusable and damaged items will be in place beginning Tuesday, May 6.  Where possible, please attempt to reuse or donate unwanted items.
  • Unless one resident accepts responsibility and documents said responsibility in written form, any/all charges will be divided among all occupants of the room/suite/apartment.  In addition, the last resident to checkout of the room/suite/apartment will be responsible for all damages or missing items not already accounted for.  Please communicate with your roommate(s) concerning any pending damages.  Decide on responsibility now, or be present at the checkout of your roommates. 

 Check-list for Check Out/Room Cleaning:

This checklist is provided to make your checkout as smooth as possible.  Following this list may help you avoid unnecessary charges for cleaning and damages.

  •   Remove all personal belongings from the room! 
  •   Remove all posters, decals, tape, poster putty, etc. from doors (inside and out), walls & mirrors
  •   Clean closets, cabinets – dust shelves, etc.
  •   Clean windows and window sills, and mirrors
  •   Dust all furniture including desk tops, dressers, shelves, and countertops
  •   Clean and wipe out drawers in desk and dresser   
  •   Return all furniture to its original position in the room (unbunking beds not required)
  •   Sweep/mop/vacuum floor throughout room or apartment
  •   Take out all trash, (please take to dumpster if receptacles are full)
  •   Where applicable, empty and clean all kitchen appliances and counter tops, clean bathrooms including showers, sinks, toilets (inside and out), faucets, and living and sun room

Once you have completed and checked off all of the above items, you are ready for check-out!  Go to your RA at your established check-out time and have your room inspected for damages or turn in your Express Check-Out Envelope.

If you have any questions or would like to find out exactly what you are responsible for in your room, please contact your RA or CD!