Housing and Residence Life

What To Bring

Living on campus is more than just having a room located near your classes. From your room, you should emerge prepared to face academic, social, recreational and service challenges of your educational experiences at UNCP. Your room, as a "home," should contain necessities to get you on your way in the morning and into your studies. It should also be a comfortable place where you can relax and be at ease. The following lists include items you may want to bring to campus. This is a suggested list and you do not have to have all the items. Check with your roommate to see what items they are bringing so you do not duplicate items.


Study Items Linen Hygiene Laundry

___ Note Books
___ Pens and Pencils
___ Stationery
___ Stapler
___ Scissors
___ Glue Stick
___ Scotch Tape
___ Alarm Clock

___ Bedspread/Quilt
___ Blanket
___ Pillow
___ Mattress Cover
___ Sheets 
     (80" x 36")
___ Towels and

___ Soap
___ Shampoo
___ Tooth Paste
___ Tooth Brush
___ Brush/Comb
___ Hair Dryer
___ Bathrobe
___ Bath Bucket
___ Shower Shoes

___ Laundry Bag/Basket
___ Laundry Detergent
___ Iron & Board
___ Hangers

 Inclement Weather
___ Light Jacket
___ Umbrella
___ Flashlight

Students residing in Pine Hall, Oak Hall, Cypress Hall, Courtyard Apartments, and Village Apartments are required to supply their own cleaning supplies and toiletries for their bathroom. Also, in the Village Apartments and  Courtyard Apartments, students supply their own cooking and serving utensils and cleaning supplies for their kitchens.

Fun or Extra

Decorating Light Dining Just For Fun

___ Lamp

___ Throw Rug

___ Posters (to be
      hung with
      masking tape)

__ Power Strips

__ Surge Protectors

__ TV

___ Small Refrigerator
      (not to exceed 4.2 cubic feet)
___ Small Microwave
      (1per room, not to exceed
      1200 watts; excluding Belk
      and North Halls - Things to know
      for additional informatio)
___ Cup or Coffee Mug

___ Frisbee
___ Board Games
___ Playing Cards
___ Video Games

___ Roller Blades
___ Skate Board
___ X Box, Wii

NOTE: The University does not provide insurance coverage for your personal belongings.