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Faculty Spotlights

  • Ann Horton-Lopez, Ph.D.

    Director of Art Education Graduate Programs

    Art Department

    The Art Education faculty provides personal communication when needed, including evenings and weekends. Graduate students’ experiences and productions in the art education courses will be useful to them as teachers. The Director of Graduate Art Education programs provides an academic, exciting, fun curriculum, and demonstrates...

  • Dr. Roger A. Ladd

    Program Director

    Graduate English Education

    It’s more than a degree.  While many students start our program simply for the purpose of improving their job qualifications, students invariably discover that graduate school is about more than a credential. Undertaken with the right spirit, graduate work in English is about joining a community of professionals committed to...

Student Spotlights

  • 2017 Outstanding Student


    Pembroke, NC

    Oscar Locklear and Brad AllenCongratulations to Oscar Locklear! The History...

  • Stacy Medina

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    “UNC Pembroke is where I fell in love with my education. It was here that I experienced professors who designed a classroom environment where students could come as they are. I never felt like I had to be anyone else; just the best version of myself. It's essential to me that someday I create a classroom where future counselors...

  • Robyn Hale

    Professional School Counseling

    Robyn is the recipient of the NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors) Foundation Minority Fellowship Award. She is researching the relationship of non-cognitive factors in first generation college students.

    For more information about the NBCC Foundation go to: http...