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Student Spotlights

  • Casey Haywood


    Environmental Science & Biology with a Zoology track

    Cumberland, Wisconsin


    As a little girl, I found myself thumbing through any and all information I could find about animals and nature. I would spend countless hours in the woods investigating the amazing world around me. I was an explorer, and I did what all kids do best, science! I grew up in the country with my mom...

  • Emily Prutzman

    Bachelor of Science


    "My internship was a very beneficial experience because it gave me an opportunity to try different areas of accounting and see what I liked.You are able to see how all your hard work in class pays off when you are able to use all of the knowledge that you have attained in college.  Not only did I learn a lot during the internship...

  • Timothy Sigmon

    Bachelor of Science


    "My summer internship was an experience I am very grateful for. My eyes were opened to how a successful accounting firm functions. The knowledge I gained and the variety of tasks I performed made the experience unique and beneficial for me in my future career path."

Organization Spotlights

  • Online Program Spotlight

    The MPA program intends to train students for leadership positions within public and non-profit sector organizations and bureaucracies.  Students interested in private sector employment in industries with strong governmental interactions and regulation will also benefit from seeking an MPA degree.


Faculty Spotlights