UNCP Home Spotlights
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Student Spotlights

  • Mireida Perez Cortez


    Mathematics Education

    Arrowhead Scholarship Recipient

    "As a college freshman, I had procrastinated to apply for a scholarship. I resorted to The Career Center for some guidance of the requirements of the scholarship. It was surprising how fast and easy it was to contact them. I had the answer to my question through a quick search that was...

Alumni Spotlights

  • Drs. Joe and Ashley Danielle Ballard

    c/o 2009

    Biology with a molecular biology concentration

    Optometric Physicians

    1.      Favorite thing about your job?

    Interacting with a new person every 15 minutes and knowing that there will always be new things to learn in this profession. 

    2.      Least favorite?

    If I had to choose...Working on Fridays, unless it's raining, then it's okay :)

  • Ashley Russell Berdeau


    Arts Education (K-12)

    Bachelor of Arts

    High School Art and Journalism Teacher

    Saint Pauls, North Carolina

    Living in a military family I was born in Fort Bragg, NC and moved a lot in my younger years.  I consider Saint...

  • Morgan Hunt


    MPA Degree Program

    Director of Alumni Relations

    Director of Alumni Relations

    Office of Advancement

    “As a graduate student, I received a sincere welcome and unconditional encouragement from faculty, staff and students who made me feel at home. My graduate college career was memorably marked with lasting relationships  with professors,  life-long friends, all the while...

  • Grant Williams

    Welcome our new staff member Dr. Williams, he will be joining the CAPS team as the assessment coordinator August 1st.