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Faculty Spotlights

  • Faculty Spotlight


    Political Science and Public Administration

    Dr. Daniel G. Barbee has worked in emergency management and disaster planning for over 3 decades. His work and accomplishments in the field include authoring procedures for FEMA as well as working with state and municipal governments around the country to implement plans that will prevent tragedy in the wake of a natural disaster...

Student Spotlights

  • Amy Kish


    Environmental Science

    Certification in GIS

    Akron, Ohio


    I graduated from high school in 1991.  During my senior year, when everyone was figuring out what they wanted to pursue in college, I was advised of something I’ll never forget. I wanted to do something with science, mainly biology.  However, I was told I should focus on something in the liberal...

  • Hannah Swartz


    Environmental Science

    Ocala, Florida


    Born and raised in Florida, I met my husband Carleton in our hometown. At the time, he was enlisting in the US Army and I was moving away for school. I attended state college at the beach, and it was there that my love for biology and environmental science began. I volunteered for about a year...

  • Cora Bright


    Biology with a Molecular Biology Track

    Ellenboro, NC

    Hello! My name is Cora Bright, and I am a senior here at UNC Pembroke.  I work in Dr. Maria Santisteban’s lab in the RISE Program, researching a yeast histone called Htz. I have been in RISE and working with Dr. Santisteban since my sophomore year. I am also the Vice-Chair of the Student Honors Council and have been on the...

  • Amelia C. Brown



    Dunn, NC


    Surprisingly, I haven’t always loved science. As a child, I actually struggled in the subject but could typically manage to get a “B” in class. My mom always made me write “super sentences” with my spelling words. While in math I caught on very quickly. So, those subjects were never an issue. I...