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Student Spotlights

  • Summer Smith

    Bachelor of Science


    I chose to apply to UNCP's Pre-licensure Nursing Program because I heard so many great things about it. One thing in particular that I heard about was the pre-licensure program's outstanding passing rate. The alumni of UNCP have expressed some positive things about the program and those are the things that I took into...

  • Ereny Gerges

    Chemistry and Biology

    Charlotte, North Carolina


    Being a student at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke has built my hard working personality. At UNCP I have conducted research since my freshmen year with Dr. Paul Flowers in the area of Spectroelectrochemistry where quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques are used to indicate the state and the...

  • Dakota Lee


    Biology with Biomedical Emphasis

    Cheraw, SC


    My name is Dakota Lee, and I am currently a sophomore attending UNC Pembroke. I am also a member of the UNCP research program RISE as well as...

  • Cheyenne Lee



    Cheraw, SC


    I am a first generation Native American student from the Pee Dee tribe of South Carolina.  I come from a mostly blue collar background with one grandfather being a construction worker, another being a farmer, and my own father being a mechanical engineer by experience.  My mother was a...

  • Frederick Feely II


    Biology with a Molecular Biology track

    Durham, NC


    I've always had a fascination with detail and the mechanics of how things work. There is an incredible amount of knowledge to be learned, and I have seen that through science, one can gain insights to this knowledge. I also have an affinity for detail.  Because of this, I took a liking to...