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UNCP Home Spotlights Morgan Lawson
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Morgan Lawson


Student Degree

Bachelor of Science

Student Major


Student Hometown

Reidsville, NC


I am a junior pursuing a degree in Accounting. I am also planning on taking entrepreneurship classes to receive my entrepreneurship certification. I am a Supplemental Instructor (SI) Leader on campus, which I will continue until I graduate in 2016.  Along with being an SI, I also work at Outback Steakhouse in Lumberton. I am a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and was invited to join the Esther G. Maynor Honors College. Also, I have been on the Chancellor’s list for two consecutive semesters. In my free time I love doing photography and group projects to become more involved.

Why did you choose to attend UNCP?

I chose to attend UNCP for many reasons. UNCP gave me a way to receive a great education, the chance to interact with amazing professors, become more involved within the community, and also just to help me learn and grow as an individual. UNCP was not originally my first choice, but when it came down to it I would receive a great education here for half the price of the other schools I was considering. The low cost at UNCP is definitely an attractive feature when looking into the college. In the end, UNCP was definitely the right choice for me!

What do you like best about UNCP?

My favorite aspect of UNCP is the cozy feel of campus. I toured a larger school and knew instantly it was not for me because it was so big. The small class sizes give you a chance to really interact with your professors. All of my professors know my name and they expect a lot out of me. I love this aspect because it provides a great challenge for me academically.  I have had a great connection with almost all of my professors and I know I can rely on them for advice when it comes to classes as well as life advice and general guidance. I can use my professors to network and help me obtain a job in the field of my dreams. Also, I love that all of the staff is dedicated to helping see students achieve their goals.  UNCP is a growing school and each year it has more to offer. There’s a lot of potential within the UNCP community that will soon be uncovered.