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Mireida Perez Cortez


Student Degree


Student Major

Mathematics Education

Arrowhead Scholarship Recipient

"As a college freshman, I had procrastinated to apply for a scholarship. I resorted to The Career Center for some guidance of the requirements of the scholarship. It was surprising how fast and easy it was to contact them. I had the answer to my question through a quick search that was facilitated by them.  I sent my resume and cover letter to The Career Center expecting only a grammar check. However, attached to my resume and cover letter were numerous comments and tips that had never crossed my mind when writing a resume or cover letter.  They had not only improved my grammar, but my organization, my transition in ideas, and the presentation of my documents.

Through the exchange of a couple emails, my resume and cover letter went from an inexperienced freshman resume to a professional resume. They provided me with examples and websites that will later on be resourceful in creating any other resumes or cover letters. In the end, I got the scholarship and all thanks to the help of The Career Center! I recommend to everybody to take advantage of this fantastic resource we have on campus!"