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UNCP Home Spotlights Jamal Rasool
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Jamal Rasool


Student Degree


Student Major

Exercise Sports Science

Student Minor


Student Hometown

Greensboro, NC

Why did you choose to attend UNCP? Major?

I chose to attend UNCP because the school offered a great chance to be a pioneer in the new concentration as well as a chance to restart my college career. I am an Exercise Sports Science major with a concentration in Sports Management and a minor in Marketing.


What do you like best about UNCP?

I like the diversity more than anything else.


You are the first currently enrolled student to teach Group Exercise classes, congrats! How do you feel this will impact your future goals?

I'm honored to have such a title and I feel this will be a great boost on my resume. This will help solidify my experience and aid me in my process of becoming a Personal Trainer.


What do you like about Campus Recreation?

I like the opportunities Campus Recreation presents to the students. It allows everyone the chance to participate in sports and other recreational activities that would not be possible otherwise.


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy cooking, playing sports and lifting weights.

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