UNCP Home Spotlights Brittany M. Threatt
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Brittany M. Threatt


Student Degree

Bachelor of Science

Student Major


Why I chose UNCP's Nursing Program:

I chose UNCP's Nursing Program because the nursing faculty were very helpful and cared about my future as a nurse. The nursing faculty at UNCP go above and beyond to help me reach my full potential as a nursing student, to help me think as a nurse, and prepare me for the nursing field. UNCP has a great clinical lab setting and an educated nursing staff that is always there to help. 

My most impacting moment was speaking to the freshman and sophomore class in Cypress Hall this semester. As a freshman and sophomore pursuing nursing, I would have appreciated a nursing student's perspective of the program. I enjoyed speaking to the freshman and sophomore class because I was able to inform and encourage them about nursing and the nursing program. I believe the students left the event with insight of the nursing program and what to expect. I would love to speak again.