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UNCP Home Spotlights Ashlee Doughty
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Ashlee Doughty


Student Degree

Bachelor of Science

Student Major

Business Entrepreneurship

Student Hometown

Albany, New York

I am a senior pursuing a degree in Business Entrepreneurship as well as an Academic All-American Cross Country and Track athlete, a Student Ambassador, a member of the School of Business Student Advisory board, and a member of the Esther G. Maynor Honors College. I am most passionate about photography and aspire to establish my own fashion and portrait photography business someday. My interests include leadership, advocacy, and community involvement, people and the humanities, environmentalism, nutrition, health, and fitness, music, and travel.  

Why did you choose to attend UNCP?
I was looking for a college that would give me the opportunity to continue running competitively, to be a successful student, to have an enriching college experience and see personal growth, and most importantly, was affordable. I chose to go to UNCP because UNCP has everything I was looking for and more. Directly speaking, UNCP offered me the most “bang for my buck.” I was equally as impressed with UNCP’s willingness to put together a package for me that would meet my needs and support me as a student. Of all the schools I was considering, I was and still am confident that UNCP would be the best fit for me. 

What do you like best about UNCP?
Describing UNCP without the word “personal” does not give UNCP justice. The college experience here is very personal where professors, coaches, administrators, faculty, and everyone involved with UNCP are concerned with seeing our student body succeed. I have found that our statement “you are not just a number here, you are a name” holds true. Many of the professors and staff members at UNCP have become personal mentors of mine and I have networked with and been supported by at least one person in each of my areas of interest. Hand-in-hand with UNCP’s personal feel is our small class sizes. With a 15:1 professor to student ratio, professors are more hands-on with and give more attention to their students. In this setting I feel more comfortable engaging in class and asking questions. I also value the diversity of our student body, with students from all over the world, and our Native American roots (Lumbee, specifically). That being said, it’s no surprise that UNCP has so much opportunity for advancement and growth—so much more so than you might find at a bigger university. With all that UNCP has to offer, I consider it a diamond in the rough.