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In Memoriam: Dr Chet Jordan

Chet Jordan

Dr. Chet Jordan passed away on January 10, 2018 after a brief illness.

Dr. Jordan taught Theatre and Speech at UNCP for 37 years before retiring in May 2017.  He was respected for his dedication and talent in his role of teacher, and his kindness, insight, and fairness in his role of advisor, advocate, and mentor.

The Cat’s in the Bag

Annual Dr. Seuss Reading Party

At the annual Dr. Seuss Reading Party in September 2017, 70 students from Rex Rennert Elementary School each received a surprise gift in their craft bags: a hardbound copy of The Cat in the Hat to take home. Students from instructors Deana Johnson’s and Amy Williams’s service-learning composition courses hosted the entire second grade to help promote early literacy in our community.

“It had been a dream of mine for several years to give students a book of their own to take home, but funding was never available,” said Johnson.

From Final Paper to Published Work


Gordon Byrd, a recent graduate from UNC Pembroke’s MA in English Education program, has had an article, “The Genre of Scams," published in Xchanges, journal that publishes work by undergraduate and graduate students in the field of Writing Studies The paper was originally written in Dr. Teagan Decker’s Rhetorical Analysis class. It investigates the genre of scam emails through the lens of rhetorical analysis, analyzing a particular example in order to determine what rhetorical elements constitute a scam email and what makes one successful or unsuccessful.

English Department Contacts

Chair and Associate Chair

Youngsuk Chae

Youngsuk Chae

Assistant Chair and Associate Professor

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


Office Hours: Mon 12:00-2:15, 3:45-5:00; Tues 11:00-12:15, 3:15-5:00; Wed 12:00-2:15, 3:45-5:00; Thurs 11:00-12:15, 3:15-5:00.
Expertise: Postcolonial Literature, World Literature, Asian American Literature


Mike Berntsen

Mike Berntsen

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Louisiana, Lafayette


Office Hours: Mon 9:00-11:00; Tues 9:30-10:30, 12:30-1:30; Wed 9:00-11:00; Thurs 9:30-10:30, 12:30-1:30; Fri 9:00-11:00; and by appointment.
Expertise: English & Spanish Renaissance, Theatre History, Composition, Creative Writing, and Pop Culture Studies
Brandy Brown

Brandy Brown

Assistant Professor & Writing Center Director

Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Office Hours: Mon 12:30-2:30; Tues 1:00-300; Thurs 1:00-3:00; Friday 12:30-2:30; and by appointment.
Expertise: Writing Studies: Writing Centers & Writing Program Administration, Rhetoric and Composition, Critical Pedagogy, Women’s Studies
Scott Hicks

Scott Hicks

Professor and Teaching and Learning Center Director

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University


Office Hours: Mon 9:30-11:10; Wed 9:30-11:10; Fri 9:30-11:10; and by appointment.
Expertise: African American Literature, Twentieth-Century American Literature, Environmental Literature
Deana Johnson

Deana C. Johnson

Lecturer and Director of College Opportunity Program

M.A., University of North Carolina at Pembroke


Office Hours: Mon 9:00-10:00, 1:00-2:00; Tues 11:00 -1:00; Wed 9:00-10:00; Thurs 11:00-1:00; Fri 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00; and by appointment.
Expertise: First Year Transitions
Roger Ladd

Roger A. Ladd

Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in English Education

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison


Office Hours: Mon 12:15-1:15; Tues 11:00-12:00; Wed 12:15-1:15; Thurs 11:00-12:00; Fri 12:15-1:15; and by appointment.
Expertise: Medieval Studies, British Literature, and Composition
Autumn Lauzon

Autumn Lauzon


Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University


Office Hours: Mon 12:15-2:00; Tues 12:30-2:00; Wed 12:15-2:00; Thurs 12:30-2:00; and by appointment.
Expertise: American Literature, Beginnings to 1910, George Lippard, the American Revolution in Historical Romances and Antebellum America
Robin Snead

Robin L. Snead

Lecturer, College Opportunity Program

Ph.D., North Carolina State University


Office Hours: Mon 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00; Wed 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00; Fri 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00; and by appointment
Expertise: Composition, Multimodality, Digital Literacies, and Pedagogy
Charles Tita

Charles Tita

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Howard University


Office Hours: Mon 8:00-9:00 (online only); Tues 2:00 – 4:00; Wed 5:00-7:00 (online only); Thurs 2:00 – 3:00; and by appointment (Blackboard Collaborate and WebEx Sessions available for online students).
Expertise: Eighteenth-Century British Literature, African American Literature, Critical Theory
Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Lecturer, College Opportunity Program

M.A., University of North Carolina Greensboro


Office Hours: Mon 12:15-1:15; Tues 12:30-4:30; Wed 12:15-1:15; Thurs 12:30-1:30; Fri 12:15-1:15; and by appointment.
Expertise: Composition and Rhetoric, Critical Pedagogy
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