What's New

New in BlackBoard


Version: 9.1 October 2014

BlackBoard has made a number of changes and improvements to their product. Of which we believe the new student preview mode and enhanced SafeAssign integration will be a vast improvements for many of our instructors. These and other minor changes are detailed below.


Student Preview

 BlackBoard now includes a “student preview button” this button provides a more thorough preview of the student experience in the course than simply turning the edit mode off. Allowing instructors to drop into tests, assignments and other course tools as a student. It can be accessed from the icon illustrated below, left of the edit mode switch. For a video detailing student preview click here.


 SafeAssign is no longer a separate assessment type in BlackBoard, instead it is directly integrated as an option under assignment. To enable it on any assignment you can now select the appropriate checkbox under “Submission Details” and then “Plagiarism Tools.”

Safe Assign reporting is also now integrated directly into the gradebook and is accessible from the same screen which previews the paper as shown below.

 SafeAssign's DirectSubmit feature is unaffected by these changes and can be found under course tools in the control panel, as before.

Minor Usability Improvements

 BlackBoard has made minor usability improvements to the following areas as well as streamlining the user interface throughout the product.

  • Calendar
  • Course Messaging
  • Grade Center
  • Inline Grading